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Monthly Faves (September)

What has been occupying us for the past month(ish), from books to podcasts to recipes and beauty products. With lockdown stretching on in Melbourne Talani continued to make the most of her streaming subscriptions and Lilly has continued to impress us with her DIY skills!

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A Rewatch of The OC (Talani)

Californiaaaa, California… here we come. This will send instant flashbacks to any millennial who was as obsessed with Josh Schwartz’s brain child - The OC - as me. For a show which covered some pretty heavy topics like drug and alcohol abuse, there is something inherently wholesome about cosy-ing up on the couch and rewatching the Core Four navigate their high school and family dramas. I adored the relationship between Sandy and Kirsten (and hope I end up just as happy as them), related to the turbulent and troubled Marissa Cooper or enjoyed seeing the growth of Seth and Summer individually and then together. The soundtrack is also enough to take you back to those early 2000s acoustic Sunday days by the pool. It should be acknowledged that the show is not without some controversy, including lack of diversity and portrayal of one of the earliest same sex relationships on mainstream TV. But - if you are looking something a tad nostalgic in the age before Instagram and COVID uncertainty then the OC may be for you - it delivered some pretty iconic movements from “Chrismukkah” to that Mallpisode (you know the one!)

DIY necklaces (Lilly)

Continuing my arts-and-crafty theme from last month, I am recommending making your own jewellery. I’m so far deep in the lockdown hobbies by this stage but who can blame me? I recently found an old bead kit from my childhood and let me tell you it is sparking so much joy. And with beaded necklaces well and truly back in the fashion zeitgeist this summer, what better timing to be creating some playful, bright and nostalgic bling. I also think it’s really good for my mindfulness practice as it actually takes a lot of concentration to thread those tiny beads on the damn string.

If you fancy some beautiful, high quality bead kits I recommend checking out Melbourne-based handmade jewellery brand Finerrings, but if you’re looking for something bright and accessible Spotlight has got your back. Or, if you really want to tap into your inner child like me, search your childhood bedroom for some leftover treasures.

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