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Monthly Faves (July)

What has been occupying us for the past month(ish), from books to podcasts to recipes and beauty products. This month we got creative and crocheting while killing small talk!

Crocheting (Lilly)

I absolutely cannot take the credit for coming up with this monthly fave – the inspiration comes from my gorgeous talented friend Belle, my Mum attempting to pass her crochet knowledge on to me, and of course social media. Crocheting is having a major moment on TikTok and Instagram – and for good reason!!! You TOO can make cute clothing with just some wool and a plastic (or metal) hooky thingy!!! Early this month, my friend Belle dropped off a gift to me which was the most adorable blue and white crocheted handbag that I have ever laid my eyes on. I was immediately converted to the crochet bandwagon – and luckily there are ample TikTok and Instagram accounts sharing inspiration and patterns to get started. It’s the perfect lockdown activity – combined with binge watching Netflix in bed. If you want to get started – order some yarn and a hook (5mm hook and 8 to 10 ply yarn is apparently a good starting place) from spotlight, YouTube ‘crochet for beginners’, and then check out @hannyhannyhan on TikTok for a super straightforward but super cute crop top tutorial!

Love on the Spectrum (Talani)

If Victoria’s last lockdown was a long, dark, unexpected tunnel, then discovering and subsequently bringing the entirety of Love on the Spectrum was the light at the end of it. It is a light-hearted, compassionate and endearing series that follows young people on the autism spectrum dating and navigating relationships. Unlike other reality dating shows, it does not feel overly produced or designed in a way of igniting drama. And it reminds us that there is so much love beyond just the romantic kind with our family, friends and support network. I don’t want to spoil anything because I want you all to enjoy the show as much as I do! It’s also free to watch on ABC iview.

Image Created by Canva

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