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Monthly Faves (May)

What has been occupying us for the past month(ish), from books to podcasts to recipes and beauty products. This month Lilly stole my (Talani) recommendation but its a very good one (if you haven't yet get on to Drag Race!!). Subsequently, I have decided to recommend something that none of us really wanna do (do your uni readings!)

RuPaul's Drag Race (Lilly)

I’m VERY late to the party with this one but I have finally jumped on board the drag race train and oh boy am I glad. This month I became incredibly emotionally dependent on Ru and the Charisma Uniqueness Nerve and Talent served by the Queens. My housemate roped me in to watching the Down Under season and we would eagerly await for each episode to drop on a Saturday afternoon, and fill the void that is the remainder of the week with binge watching old US seasons. Watching RuPaul’s drag race is pure joy and escapism – the costumes, the makeup, the cattiness that is so far removed from my own life drama. But it is also so heart-warming to watch the Queens open up about the struggles they face in their shared queer experiences and how they have found comfort and solidarity in Drag. While Ru is not without his own problematic behaviours, he has certainly done tremendous work carving out a space in the mainstream media for the Drag community. (not to mention the amount of content the show pumps out – the devil works hard but RuPaul works harder!!!!)

Go Late Night Shopping at Chadstone (On a Saturday) (Talani)

Somewhere between ritualistic and like clock-work, nothing gets my sister or I out of our PJs on a Saturday afternoon than the prospect of late night shopping at Chadstone. The Fashion Capital of the World takes on a new kind of magic after 6pm on a Saturday - and it's not just the lit-up glass ceiling; basically every store is open without the hassle of peak-hour traffic and an endless array of restaurants to choose from. It could be the lockdown nostalgia - if only Chadstone was within my 5 km... - but late night shopping feels kinda naughty and exciting when it's on a Saturday (just don’t be those people in the stores five minutes before they close, retail assistants are tired, they want to go home).

Read the Appendices (also Talani)

If you have an assignment on a particular person’s theories, reading their book does not count unless you read the appendix. Your lecturer will know. That is all - You’ll thank me later.

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