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Bachie Recap: Week 4

Image Courtesy of The Bachelorette, Facebook

Welcome back bachettes to your weekly Bachie drama recap! It’s week four and we have been gifted a measly ONE episode because of something soccer related (I don’t know and don’t care). Anyway….

This week’s single date is with Millie. (Who?) Turns out Millie was one of the intruders which makes sense why we haven’t seen much of her yet. She meets Brooke and the two are sporting puffer jackets, scarves, gloves and beanies. Where could they be off to?!? If this ep were filmed in Melbourne, no one would bat an eyelid at the wardrobe, but as we know Sydney has a much more stable climate. So this can only mean one thing… snow trip!!

Brooke tells us that she grew up in a tropical environment and has always dreamt of seeing snow. She escorts Millie to their “very own winter wonderland”. The two are very cute and giggly as they gallivant in some manufactured snow and participate in several snow-related activities like making snow angels and building a snowman. Essential. They then whip out some paints and brushes and get busy painting the backdrop of their faux-snowscape – another classic snow trip activity.

As the two snuggle up on the couch for a movie night I can’t help but notice the mountain backdrop from their lil art class is looking verrrrry familiar…


Anyway, Millie manages to secure a rose and another smooch before the end of the date.

Now it’s group date time and the contestants find themselves at the SCG which has taken its yearly break of hosting sweaty sportsmen to host Sydney Mardi Gras. The guys and gals are split into two groups and are given the task of creating a dance routine for their march while donning the most extravagant outfits. Brooke is looking HOT af in a bedazzled feathery pink mini dress. The event is colourful, energetic, sparkly, and overall, very wholesome. As Holly notes – it’s heart-warming to have straight men as ‘loud n proud’ allies to the LGBT+ community.

Throughout the ep Brooke has been reminding us that she is still SHAKEN from last week’s cocktail party and this week’s was noticeably less drama-filled. Jamie Lynn Spears has been looking very shweaty and nervous to try and smooth things over with Brooke and clear the air of the Ryan drama once and for all. She does so by presenting Brooke with an album of their love story, which she has left several pages blank for them to fill out with future memories (and definitely not because they didn’t have enough pix together to fill the pages). Cute!

BUT – the rose ceremony begins, and we are all quaking in our boots as Jamie Lynn is given the LAST ROSE. My poor little heart! Steve and Taje are sent home.

Taje is evidently devastated, and in a season’s first, we see her being walked to the car by Brooke. Here, the pair share some tears, and Taje tells Brooke that she “could not be happier” to have Brooke representing First Nations Women. It was a very emotional and touching moment - sweetened by Taje saying at least she was going out in ‘glitter.’ This goodbye leaves me wondering if the pair shared a deeper connection that just wasn’t shown on screen.

And that’s where Channel 10 left us stranded until next week where they are promising Hometown Visits. Ciao!

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