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ITS is a collective hub that provides an outlet and voice for young and aspiring creators. It provides a platform for writers to voice their opinion on the things that really matter with an emphasis on personal development and interviews, pop culture analysis and social causes.

Talani Cooke (on the left) is a final year Law Student at Monash University with a passion for writing (both the academic and creative kind). Talani hopes to combine both of these interests by completing her PhD and eventually running a subject which examines intersections between pop-culture and the law. She hopes to do all this while living out her fantasy of being Anne Hathaway in “The Intern” at ITS.

Lilly Walsh (on the right) is a final year Law and Journalism student at Monash University. She is passionate about reading, writing and patting all the dogs she sees. Lilly hopes to use the ITS platform to tell other people’s stories and share the hard work of young creatives. Lilly spends a little too much time tending to her plants and worm farm while trying to figure This Life Thing out.

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